Misfits of Time

BJ(voice over): Time travel. I hate the idea. The future is the past, the past is the future. It's one giant headache if you ask me. Unfortunately we got caught up in some time travel and...well, see for yourself.

On the bridge of a starship, Miles pilots the ship with expert ease. BJ sits at the command chair with Raven standing beside him. Steven DeFalco, the only human member is manning the engineering station. Leroy, Rif and Tundra are manning the other stations.

BJ is malamute/wolf mix that could pass as a combo of Bear and Nitro. Raven is a standard greyish color wolf. Miles is a standard colored collie, Tundra is a siberian tiger, Rif is a red fox and Leroy a doberman.

Leroy: Hey BJ, I'm getting something odd on the scanners?

BJ: What is it?

Leroy: I'm not sure.

BJ: On screen.

The main screen shows an odd wave heading for them.

Steven: Oh no. Not a time wave!

Rif: A what?

Steven: Remember that time travel experiment they did back in 2286? Well the entire facilty on Coranis V exploded and sent time waves out into the galaxy. I was hoping we wouldn't come across one of those.

BJ: Get us out of here Miles! I do NOT want the Time Travel Commission breathing down our necks!

Miles: Uh-oh. It's locked onto us!

Leroy: It's coming at us!

BJ: Brace yourselves!

The time wave hits the ship like an iron fist, sending all of them sprawling. Sparks fly from various places on the bridge.

BJ: Report!

Steven: Sensors off-line! Were on emergency backup!

BJ: Get those sensors online DeFalco! I want to know where we are!

Steven works for several minutes and then main power comes back on.

Steven: How's that Leroy?

Leroy: We got sensors. There's another ship out there.

BJ: Let's see it.

The main screen comes on to show the Space Rovers ship.

Raven: What is that?

Tundra: They're hailing us.

BJ: Let's have it.

Persia comes on the screen.

Persia: This is Captain Persia of the Space Rovers. Please Identify yourselves.

Miles(whispering): The Space Rovers?

BJ: This is Captain BJ of the Terran Federation Ship STRAYER.

Persia: I am unfamilar with your ship Captain. Did you say Terran Federation? There is none.

BJ: Uhh, Captain Persia, I'm afriad to ask but what year is this?

Persia: 20##. Don't tell me, your from the future aren't you?

Miles: 20##----!

BJ: How'd you guess?

Persia: Because we don't have anything like that ship in the Road Rover database. We will escort you to Mission Control. Persia out.

She disappears from the screen.

Steven: 20##! That means all those bad guys are still trying to take over Earth.

Rif: This was a chaotic time on Earth. Baddies coming out of the woodwork to conquer it.

Leroy: I wonder how our "relatives" will take the news about us.

Tundra: Shocked I'm sure.

RRMC recreation area. The Rovers, Grizzlies and Maddogs are here. The Master is on his balcony.

Master: According to Captain Persia their ship came out of nowhere. They identified their ship as the Terran Federation Ship STRAYER.

Bear: Terran Federation?

Outlaw: Oh no! Not another time travel thing. They probably want to take us with them!

Exile: I do not think they would travelski back in time to take us away comrade Outlaw.

Master: Let's put the speculation to rest for now.

At that moment BJ and his group enter the breifing room. BJ walks right up to Bear with a scowl on his face.

BJ: So, your the goody two shows Bear I've heard so much about?

Bear: So you've heard of me then?

BJ punches Bear right in the face and he falls hard.

Nitro: Bear!

BJ: Heard of you?! I'm reminded every-scraggin-day about my Great-great-great-great-great Grandfather! But your nothing!

Hunter: What are you talking about?

Miles: We're from the year 2370. We got here by accident.

Hunter: Whoa, cool.

Steven: That's Hunter all right.

Bear gets up, rubbing his jaw.

Bear: What do you mean I'm your grandfather?

BJ: Great plus 5 grandfather! The names BJ. I know all about you. Frankly, you disgust me! Every day when I was growing up I was reminded about you and how great you were!

Outlaw: Isn't he?

They all turn and notice Outlaw for the first time.

Miles: Captain Outlaw! Oh wow.

Outlaw: Captain? You know me?

Miles: Very well, sir!

BJ: Save it. I want a little talk with this so-called hero relative of mine.

Bear: So called?!

BJ punches Bear again.

BJ: Yes, so-called! You have no idea how good it feels to actually deck you Steven Today!

Hunter gets in betwen them.

Hunter: All right that's enough! Settle down!

BJ: Butt out Tennis Balls for Brains! Your even worse than he was!

Bear: Why do you hate me so much?

BJ: I grew up hearing stories about you everyday of my life and I got tired of it. I wanted nothing like you so I ran away from your squeaky clean image.

Miles: He's got quite the criminal record before he was forced to join the Space Marines.

Amani: Your dishonoring Bear's name!

BJ: I don't care!

Miles: You know, uhh, some of us are related to some of you guys too.

Beowulf: This oughta be rich.

Miles: The name's Miles by the way. Colleen, I'm related to you.

Colleen: Blimey.

Miles: On your fathers side. Your my great plus 5 aunt.

Colleen: Really?.

Miles: Yup.

Leroy: I'm Leroy. Blitz, I'm related to you.

Blitz: Excellent. I bet you've bitten many aliens tooshies!

Exile: Don't be weird boy.

Leroy: That's disgusting! No I don't bite tooshies!

Exile laughs and puts his arm around him.

Exile: Wonderful comrade! It's nice to meetski a normal member of the family.

Leroy: I prefer the crotch area if they have one.

Exile halts and begins to back away.

Exile: I take it backski. Your WAY weird boy.

Silver: Ohh! That hurts just thinking about it.

Leroy starts to laugh.

Leroy(laughing): I'm kidding! Lighten up freeze-eye! Your right, it is disgusting, but unlike BJ, I admire my "Way Weird Boy" great-grandfather.

Blitz groans.

Blitz: They still call me weird boy where your from?

Leroy: Afriad so.

Exile does his best to stifle his laughter.

Steven: Wesley, your my great plus 4 uncle.

Wesley: Incredible. My sister Caroline?

Steven: That's right.

Wesley: Still keeping the Hawk name of genius in the family?

Steven: DeFalco name actually. Steven DeFalco.

Raven: I'm Raven. Me and BJ are married. Nitro, your sister Kisna is my great plus 5 grandmother.

Nitro: Incredible.

Hunter: What about you two?

Tundra: Tundra's the name. I'm afriad I don't have any relatives in your ranks.

Rif: I'm Rif. Same here.

Outlaw: So what are you guys doing here?

Miles: We aren't supposed to be here. There was this time wave and we found ourselves here.

Master(over P.A.): Rovers, Grizzlies report to the briefing room.

In the breifing rrom.

Master: Rover's General Parvo is at it again.

As the Master brief's the Rovers about their mission the others listen in.

Miles: Can you believe it! Were witnessing history here.

Raven notices BJ leaning against the wall with an annoyed look.

Raven: BJ, what's the matter with you?

BJ: Who cares about history?

Miles: I do.

Tundra: Yeah, I find this fasinating

Hunter: Let's Hit the Road, Rovers!

As they head for the vehicle bay Puffball stops them.

Puffball: Wait minute. Maybe future dogs can help defeat---

BJ: Don't even think about it! I refuse to help HIM on any kind of mission; I don't care who the bad guy is. Besides there's a noninterferance rule about time travel.

Hunter: We understand. Nice meeting you guys.

BJ: Uh-huh.

Back on their ship.

Miles: What is wrong with you BJ? Do you really hate Bear that much?

BJ: Perhaps we haven't met yet. Hi, my name is BJ.

Raven: All right that's enough! BJ, this hatred you have for him is unfounded.

Tundra: She's right. He's a good guy.

BJ: I don't care!

Rif: Where's Steven?

BJ goes to comm unit.

BJ: DeFalco, come in.

RRMC experiment room. Wesley and Steven are here. Steven gives Wesley a hard disk.

Steven: Here. This'll help you in your experiments.

Wesley: What is it?

Steven: You'll see.

BJ(over comm): DeFalco, come in.

Steven: What's up Boss Dog?

BJ: Get your rear up here! Were leaving.

Steven: I'm coming. See ya Wes.

Wesley: Take care.

Steven presses a buttom on a wrist device and disappears. Later, BJ is watching a screen showing the Rovers and Grizzlies engaging Parvo and his mutants. They have all been captured and are behind an electronic forcefield.

Parvo: I've had it with you meddleson dogs! Underneath your cage is a smooth surfaced tunnel that leads to a lava chamber. I'm going to get rid of you here and now.

Parvo laughs then coughs.

Parvo: Lozenge!

BJ begins to work his controls and gets ready to push a buttom on his console.

Hunter: Well, this is it. Nice knowing all of you.

Bear: It's been an honor.

Parvo: NOW!

At the same moment that one of Parvo's mutants pushes down a lever, BJ presses his button and the power inside Parvo's base dies. The forcefield also stops working.

Parvo: What the---?

Parvo goes to the lever and tries to do it himself.

Bear: Oh Hunter, can I say it this time?

Hunter: Say it like you mean it.

Parvo turns around slowly in fear.

Parvo: Oh no!

Bear: Let's Muzzle 'em!

Groomer: No!

Muzzle gets free and begins to do what he does best.


Chuckling, BJ turns his screen off. Leroy sticks his head in the room.

Leroy: Miles says were ready to head back to our time BJ.

BJ: I'm coming.

At the ruins of Parvo's base, it's night and the authorities are taking Parvo and Groomer away. Bear looks up in the sky just in time to see a distortion swollow a fast moving star and then disappear. Bear smiles.

Bear(quitely): I guess he doesn't hate me after all.

Back in the future they've safely arrived in their time.

Miles: Steve, tell the truth. What was it you gave Wesley?

Steven: Well, you know that secret partner he claims to have helped him in creating SpaceDrive?

BJ: Aw DeFalco! The TTC's going to be all over me for this!

Rif: Speaking of the TTC, Agents Mulcahy and Scudder are hailing us.


The End