War Without End

Road Rover Mission Control. The Grizzly Strayers walk into the briefing room, the Master at his balcony.

"Thank you for coming Grizzlies." says Master "We've got a problem. Parvo has built a new weapon and he plans to use it."

"I take it the Rovers are busy?" says Bear

"Correct. This was taken by one of our opertives a short while ago. He has not been seen or heard from since."

The main screen comes on and it shows General Parvo, Groomer and several Cano-Mutants. Parvo is holding what looks like a tricked-out hair dryer.

"Is that the weapon sir?" say Groomer

"Correct. I call it the Matter Transformer. Bring it in!"

Two Cano-Mutants lug in a heavy safe. Parvo aims at it and fires. The safe turns into tissue paper which the mutants easily rip to shreds.

"Excellent!" says Parvo "With this fancy hair dryer we take care of the Road Rovers and anyone else who would stand in our way!"

Parvo laughs then goes into a coughing fit.


The screen goes blank.

"Bad news." mutters Bear

"Indeed." says Master "You must stop him from using it. But your team won't be alone on this mission. The Maddogs have agreed to lend you a paw. The location is already in your Cycleborg's computers. Also, I want you to take two new Strayer recruits with you, they're waiting for you in the vehicle bay. Good Luck.

Mission Control Vehicle Bay. Two humans come to attention when the Grizzlies walk in.

"You the new recruits?" says Bear

"Sir, yes sir!" they reply.

"Dan Parker, my friends call me Cowboy."

Cowboy is dressed like his nickname implies, in full cowboy regalia.

"Kirby Green."

Dressed in BDU's. Both have the Strayer symbol on thair clothes and a petri gun at their sides.

"Welcome aboard." says Bear "Saddle up!"

Nitro groans

"Oh please, no Western jokes."


A stretch of lonely highway. The Grizzlies are here waiting when the Maddogs drive up.

"Ready when you are Bear." says Outlaw

"Let's move!"


Brown River Bridge. Parvo, Groomer and a squad of Cano-Mutants are here overlooking a railroad bridge over Brown River. Groomer is holding the weapon.

"This government train should provide us with the capital we need to fund my takeover." says Parvo

"This train approaches General." replies a cano-mutant.

"Take aim Groomer."

"Yes general."

A laser shot stuns one the cano-mutants and he goes down. The Grizzlies and Maddogs appear out of hiding on the other side.

"Freeze!" shouts Bear

"Get them!" shouts Parvo

It turns into one big free-for-all. Parvo and Groomer have taken cover whiole his mutants deal with them.

"Use the weapon Groomer!" says Parvo "Now!"

"But General...."

"Don't argue, just do it!"

Groomer rises from hiding and takes aim. Cowboy notices and shoots just as Groomer does. A sudden white flash ungulfs the area and when it disappates, the landscape has changed. All the vegetation is gone, the river is dried up, the bridge is also gone and the sky is a dirty brown. Bear, Nitro, Outlaw, Cowboy and Kirby pick themselves up.

"What was that?" says Kirby

"Unknown." says Bear "But where are the others?"

Nitro takes out a communicator.

"Amani, Puffball, this is Nitro, do you read?"

All she gets is static.

"Silver, Wesley, come in." says Outlaw

"Mission Control, do you read?" says Cowboy

"Nothing." says Kirby "Let me try something."

He takes out a laptop and turns it on. A newspaper flutters in the breeze and Cowboy catches it.

"The Admiral Times? His excellency Matthew Slyness is pleased to report yet another successfull weapons test."

"What?!" says Bear

"What is going on?" says Outlaw "And what is that awful stench?"

"Got it" says Kirby "It seems this area is off limits because of weapons testing. It's a no-mans land because of weapons testing."

"Then let's get going huh?" says Cowboy

"Good idea." says Bear "Keep looking Kirby."

"Ohh, I don't have to." says Kirby with dread "Earth is divided up by the bad guys! The Admiral has the western U.S. to the Mississippi and Canada, Ross Dole controls the eastern half, Ortega controls South and Central America and Mexico, Havoc controls Europe to the Ural's and Parvo controls everything else"

"Wait, do you mean to tell me we're in an alternate dimension?" says Outlaw

"Looks that way." says Kirby

"OW!" says Cowboy. He slaps at his neck. "Dang mosquito's."

"But there is a resistance forming." says Kirby "The Maquis is gaining strength daily."

"Then we need to find this Maquis person." says Nitro

"Not a person Nitro" says Outlaw "It's the name of the resistance. The French Resistance used the name during World War II."

"Whatever" says Nitro "Let's just move."

"Agreed." says Bear

"We're going to walk the whole way?" says Cowboy

"You see any vehicles around here?" says Outlaw

They walk for awhile then come across some skeletons on the side of the road. One of them is dressed alot like Cowboy, who at the moment is looking rather ill. Outlaw crouches down and takes out a wallet.

"Dan Parker"

Cowboy recoils in horror.

"No! It's me! This can't be happening!"

"Cowboy calm down!" says Nitro. She feels his forehead "Your burning up! Bear, he needs medical attention."


Kirby pulls a dart out of his neck.

"Snipers!" says Outlaw

Darts strike them all and the sound of engines is heard. Bear is the last to fall and looks into the headlights of an approaching vehicle, then blacks out.


They all wake to find themselves in a library of sort, sitting on sofa's.

"Now what?" mutters Outlaw

"Cowboy, you all right." says Kirby

"Much better."

The door opens and in walks Groomer and Elimininator. They all scramble for defensive positions.

"Please, calm yourselves." says Groomer "We're the ones who brought you here."

"Start talking, fast!" says Bear

"Welcome to the headquarters of the Maquis." says Eliminator

"You guys? The leaders of the resistance?" says Nitro

"Is that so hard to believe?" says Groomer "Welcome back from the dead Cowboy."

Groomer walks up to Cowboy and hugs him.

"Am I still feverish, or is the Groomer hugging me?"

"My name is Grace McTaggert, silly!"

"And I am Candice Waken."

"Well, It's nice to know they're on our side." says Kirby

"I thought you and Parvo were connected at the hip." says Nitro

"Please, I stopped being his love toy years ago." says Grace

"Ah, they're awake." says another voice.

Wesley Hawk walks in.

"What are you doing here Wesley?" says Outlaw

"I'm sorry, do we know each other?"

"In this world, I guess not."

"How's Operation: Chaos going?" says Candice

"Almost ready." says Wesley

He takes out a scanner and looks at it.

"Just as I thought. These five are from an alternate dimension. My Dimension Scanner picked them up in the no-mans land several hours ago."

"So then, my Dan Parker is dead?" says Grace

"Yes ma'am." says Wesley

She sits heavily on one of the sofas.

"Can you get us back?" says Bear

"Sure." says Wesley "You just have to go back to the crossover point. Once you do, it will close itself."

"Are you sure it's safe to go in there?" says Candice "We found Cowboy suffering from a mutant mosquito bite."

"Is that why I was sick?"


"We'll need to make proper precautions, but I know it will work." says Wesley

"Wesley, your a genius, in any dimension." says Outlaw

"I know."

"You mentioned Operation: Chaos." says Nitro

"Our plan to get the dictators to fight each other so we can move in and restore peace and freedom to this world." says Grace.

"Let's get it started Mr. Hawk." says Candice.

"Yes ma'am."


Los Angeles, capital of Matt Slyness' territory.

"So, Ross Dole thinks he can move in on my turf does he? I don't think so! Ready thr troops!"

New York City, capital of Ross Dole's territory.

"That underhanded creep! How dare he try to take my territory! Troopers prepare!"

Paris, France, capital of Gustav Havoc's territory.

"Parvo cannot have my territory! I conquered it fair and square! Lieutenant, ready your troops!"

Hong Kong, capital of General Parvo's territory.

"With Havoc gone I can rule all of Europe as well! It's time I took care of him! Cano-Mutants, prepare for battle!"


No-Mans Land, near the former Brown River Bridge. A hovercraft lands nearby and Bear, Nitro, Outlaw, Cowboy, Kirby, Wesley, Grace and Candice walk out. Welsey holds a scanner.

"It's clear of bugs for now." says Wesley "And the portal is there waiting for you."

"Thanks for your help." says Bear

"Not a problem." says Candice

"I wish I didn't have to lose you again Cowboy." says Grace.

Cowboy thinks for a moment.

"Sir, all my life I've wanted to be part of something greater than myself. I thought the Strayers were it. But now, I think I want to stay and help restore freedom to this world."

"I've been thinking about, and I wish to stay as well." says Kirby.

"If that's your decision, then God Speed gentlemen." says Bear

Cowboy and Kirby salute, Bear salute's back and the three of them walk forward and disappear......into the same landscape. The bridge is destroyed but the train that was coming has stopped short of the fall.

"Outlaw!" shouts Saphire

Saphire literally flies into Outlaw's embrace.

"I'm so glad your all right!"

"We're fine, Angel. Just a, uh, little detour."

"What happened to the new recruits?" says Amani

"They're fighting for a greater cause." says Bear

Bear and Nitro look back and salute.

"Good luck, guys. You'll need it."

The End